How do I join the Isiserettes?

Every October the drill team has a sign up for training. Every saturday in October, from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm at a designated location young people accompanied by a parent or guardian can come and sign up for training. At the end of the training period they will be assessed on their ability and the team for the next year will be cut.

What are the ages of team members?

Musicians range in age from 13 – 18.
Dancers range in age from 7 – 18.

What school(s) are you affiliated with?

The drill team is not affiliated with any school. Our members our young people who are currently enrolled in schools all the Des Moines metropolitan area. In the past we have had members come from as far away as Ames, IA to participate.

Is this just a summer activity?

No, the drill team is a year round activity. The summer is probably our busiest time, but we practice and have performances all year.

What kind of events do you perform for?

The drill team has performed for everything from weddings to funerals. For the most part parades, competitions and private performances. We have been part of two presidential inaugural parades and performed at the annual Easter Egg Roll at the white house. We have performed for the Kentucky Derby, NBA, WNBA, AFL, New York City Veterans Day Parade and many other events.